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A designated Dark Sky Reserve, Snowdonia National Park offers the perfect conditions for gazing at night skies in all their mesmerising glory. This accolade is awarded in recognition of the significant efforts to reduce light pollution and the wonderful dark skies that are now protected here in Snowdonia. A starry sky can be both awe inspiring and soul soothing. It is a thing of mystery and magic but it’s not always very easy to access. For those who live in towns and cities, light pollution can be a real barrier to enjoying a good view of the night sky. Luckily, astronomy- enthusiasts and star gazers don’t need to travel far to witness the magic of the night sky with some of the world’s best stargazing spots right on our doorstep here at Bryn Llydan. On a clear night, you can expect to see the Milky Way, all the major constellations, nebulas (bright clouds of gas and dust) and shooting stars. Gaze at the skies under the guidance of one of our experts to maximise your understanding and learning potential.